Trust Your Gut – as seen on Women’s Health & Fitness

imagesLast night I dreamt that I was driving an out of control sports car at top speed and I could not slow down. Swerving into oncoming traffic I was somehow able to manoeuver the car out of harm’s way and eventually came to a screeching halt in a ditch. The door was completely jammed so my only exit was through the driver’s seat window that I was able to roll down.  As I crawled out of the window, my adrenalin was pumping like a heavy bass sound from an oversized speaker. Relief washed over me as I kissed the ground after such a wild ride. Is this what it feels like to stop counting calories?

In my dream I was the driver of the car. According to my not-so-scientific Google searches on dream analysis, if you are the driver of the car, regardless of the journey, it means you are making a conscious decision to move in a certain direction in your life and taking responsibility for your own actions.  Yes I felt out of control in the dream as I did when I stopped counting calories but in reality during my calorie counting of over a decade, I was never in control; I was the mercy of a sense that to be okay, I needed to deify an arbitrary number based on one or other historical moments and strive like hell to keep my nutrition within its parameters.  When I ate less than my calorie quota, I congratulated myself and when I exceeded it, I tormented myself by reveling in guilt.  You could show me any food and I could tell you the approximate calorie content – such is the deeply entrenched ritual and data instilled by repetition. I told myself it was fine because, hey, it’s not like I was starving myself. But in many ways I was; I was starved of the freedom to choose what I ate based on what I wanted to eat and what by body felt it needed; every food choice followed strict calorie criteria to ‘fit in’ my budget. The cruel part is that while sometimes I lost a little bit of weight, although not enough for anyone to notice, most of the time my weight remained stable despite my suffering. (That’s a no to impromptu parma night). Worse, I’m convinced that my most rigid arithmetic periods coincided with weight gain – perhaps because the calorie counting mentality engenders episodic overeating driven by both appetite neuropeptidies and the ‘last supper’ mindset that says ‘you’ve blown it, so you might as well’.

Calorie counting had its place in the beginning for me. I was eating doughnuts, bagels, cheesecake and super sized chocolate chip muffins washed down with sugary, milky extra-large lattes and my weight crept up. I didn’t realise how many calories, fat and sugar were in these foods and how they were negatively affecting my metabolism.  My mood, energy levels, and hunger signals were out of whack. All these foods had sugar in common. The effect of high-glycemic index foods, for which processed foods often qualify, is rapid release of glucose into the bloodstream and concomitant blood sugar drop, colloquially known as the ‘sugar crash.’  The corollary is cravings for more quick hits, perpetuating a vicious cycle. One type of sugar, fructose, has been found to bypass the satiety switch by sneaking past the fullness hormone leptin. Many obese people are leptin resistant, meaning they literally don’t have the built-in sense of when they have eaten enough (the word comes from the Greek word, leptos, which means to be thin).  For most of us, however such a glitch is likely caused by processed foods rather than flawed physiology, so in effect we are creating a self fulfilled prophecy that we can’t trust our bodies.  My preference for sugary foods led to weight gain and believing that my body was insatiable. When I learned the caloric and nutritional content of foods, I started making healthier choices and reducing processed foods. Calore counting was a useful training drill – not a long-term solution.

Eventually I got sick of counting because I was no longer enjoying my meals, as they turned from delicious nourishing sustenance to bland numbers. What’s the point of having taste buds and cooking delicious dishes if food only amounted to numbers? Being in control my calorie allowance was the grandest illusion of all because in the end I realised it was the calorie counting that controlled me. The energetic manifestation of not trusting my gut spread into other areas of my life where I ultimately felt out of control. Only when I made the conscious decision to stop counting did the windfall of all that head space I was using up to occupy my mind with arbitrary numbers help me to gain something greater in return.

One of my favourite quote is, “Insanity is doing the same thing again and again yet expecting different results.”  Could not counting calories have unlocked something that was dormant in me for so long?  I decided to continue my experiment of not counting to see where it led and the results were not as I had anticipated.  Changing the strategy completely changed my life – transforming it in other positive and unexpected ways.

I now find myself trying to persuade clients who have become convinced that they need to count calories to lose and maintain weight that this is not the case. Tellingly, even the most disciplined aren’t underweight and most are looking for answers – calorie counting is supposed to work. And it does. While it doesn’t promote sustainable weight loss or afford control over anything that matters, it is something consistent in an ever-changing world – and many people become dependent on that in the same way a chile drags a blanket around.  When I tell people that I don’t count calories and eat what I want, they look at me like I have two heads. Can you recall a time when you were a healthy weight and didn’t have to think about what you were eating and how many grams of fat, carbs or sugar it contained?

Science supports the case for swan-diving off the calorie wagon – both due to the physiological effects that occur when one eats fewer calories than their body needs and the psychological tumult of the starve-binge cycle.  In fact while I don’t want to promote intuitive eating as a weight loss method per se, abandoning my inner abacus caused me to lose weight because without the preoccupation – and I didn’t quite realise how much head space it consumed until I gave it up – I was able to focus on things that really mattered; and without food occupying a leading role, I was surprised to find myself stopping eating before I finished because despite what I believed while calling muffins a food group, I just knew when I’d had enough. What’s more, I did still say “yes” to office cake when I felt like it, which meant I wasn’t compelled to go on baked good benders.

If your goal is weight loss and you just want to free yourself from the limitations imposed by what is akin to a second job for the brainpower it demands, stop thing about weight and start thinking about healthy eating. Nourish your body, take care of it and truly love it, for it will love you back. As a result of not counting calories I healed my metabolism by eating foods my body needed and eventually got leaner, stronger, more energetic and my bloodshot eyes cleared up.  My mood improved and I started making conscious decisions about my life to move it a direction that I wanted.  In feeding my gut with as much fantastic and nourishing food as it so desired it thanked me and steered me in new and exciting directions no doubt my decisions were sharper without competing for brain space). I started trusting myself and I got outside of my head. In not counting calories I embraced being “uncomfortable” and achieved more than I ever thought possible.

I still have days where I over think what I have eaten and worry that I am overindulging. Old habits die-hard.  Ultimately what really matters is getting up and starting fresh every day.  New habits take time to form until they become ingrained, much like brushing your teeth.  Accomplishing this goal inspired me to motivate my health coaching clients even more with their personal goals.  Being in the present and enjoying my food was the first step in showing up for life in general.  There is no reason why you can’t do the same – although I know you won’t believe it until you do it.

Stephanie Siemion

Certified Health Coach

Demystifying Diets

imgres.jpgWe all do it. The holidays happen and before you know it you’ve creeped up a few pounds or your favourite pair of jeans doesn’t quite fit the way they used to. Perhaps you have to lie down to button them up and before you know it you’re Googling “waist training” only to find out that it has nothing to do with strengthening your abs. You come across the low carb and 5-2 diets only to get caught in the cross-hairs of high carb, low protein lifestyle.  First you need to stop eating carbs and then you are told to stop eating meat. It seems like you cannot eat anything. We are surrounded by an abundance of food only to feel guilty and shamed for eating it. How did we get here?

I won’t bore you with a summary of all the various diets you can go on, as well as the pros and cons because I’m just not going to go there. Why?  Because the second you start a “diet” are you already stuck in a mindset where an unhealthy relationship with food is starting to develop. Eat carbs, eat meat, don’t eat meat. Do it because that is what you want to do but not to lose weight. The second you do it to lose weight it becomes about the weight and not about your health.

They say if you have health you have everything. Why compromise it to fit in a pair of jeans? The minute you go on a diet your “change” in lifestyle becomes something that is temporary to get the fastest results in the shortest amount of time. You have to keep on doing the diet to maintain those results. Otherwise the weight creeps back, and then some.

The lasting change you seek in order to accomplish your fitness and weight loss goals has to be something that you can continue to do for the rest of your life – not just 6 weeks. Can you stop eating your favourite foods for life? Why would you want to do that? Shouldn’t we be able to enjoy what we eat?  I think we should, especially since so many people cannot. We just need to eat healthier and learn to enjoy those foods too.

You don’t have to achieve your goals without structure. Working with a health coach will give you the tools you need to develop your own structure without the diet and maintain that for years to come. Think of us as your personal trainers for the pantry.  Everyone needs one from time to time. I had one too and she inspired me to carry on coaching myself. I have helped a lot of people achieve their fitness and weight loss goals and I can help you too. Schedule a free consultation with me HERE.

Happy New Year to you all.



Super Snack Makeovers! Nutritiongal Volume 17

Are you sick and tired of crashing in the afternoon? Is the vending machine pulling you into an abyss of processed, sodium laden junk?  Do you fall asleep in the afternoon even if your have a stimulating profession or at least are not bored?

Why is it important to eat “healthy” snacks?  Why don’t candy bars, chips and soda cut it when it comes to refueling in the afternoon? They may temporarily fill you up but they are devoid of nutrients and filled with empty calories.  Consuming soda and candy temporarily raises your blood sugar only to have it crash shortly thereafter, making you hungrier.  For more on foods that raise blood sugar (have a higher glycemic load) check out the chart in the below link.

Now that you know that chips, soda and candy aren’t the best options what is left to eat when your itching for a little snack?  Time for some snack makeovers!

1.) Potato Chips/Pretzels – Potato chips are highly processed and loaded with fat and salt.  Although pretzels have a lower fat content they are still loaded with sodium and raise blood sugar since they are simple carbohydrates.

Makeover – Whole grain crackers or brown rice cakes. Whole grains contain more fiber than refined grains which fortify the body with B vitamins and make you feel fuller for longer.  Add some peanut butter, tzatziki sauce or organic cheese to your snack for a tasty treat.

2.) Candy & Protein bars – Don’t believe the hype!  Snickers doesn’t satisfy you.  Sorry Betty White! We still love you… When you consume candy bars you are eating sugar, trans fats and fillers that are not easily processed by the body.  Protein bars may seem like a “healthier” option but they are just candy bars with added protein.  Even if some of them have less calories and sugar, read the ingredients.  Many of them have artificial flavors, fillers and (GASP!) high fructose corn syrup!  Check out the link below for why high fructose corn syrup is making people fat.

Makeover – Granola/Toasted Muesli Bars – Look for the varieties with whole grains and the least amount of ingredients.  They are a delicious, sweet and fiber rich alternative to candy bars without all the sugar.  Some granola bars have chocolate or cocoa nibs in them if you’re craving something chocolatey.

3.) Candy/Lollies – For obvious reasons candy is not a health food. It’s fun to indulge once in a while but it doesn’t make a satisfying afternoon snack.  Candy may give you quick energy but you will crash like an engine that has run out of the wrong kind of fuel.

Makeover – Fresh or dried fruit is a wonderful alternative. You still get the intense sweetness without processed sugar and tons of vitamins.  Why not make your own trail mix of raisins, dried cranberries, almonds, cashews and cocoa nibs for a satisfying treat?

4.) Frappuccino – At almost 700 calories per serving this intensely sweet and caffeinated drink is better off as an occasional treat rather than your afternoon staple. What do you do when you want something cold and creamy?

Makeover – Try an iced vanilla latte instead or an iced coffee without the sugar if you dare.  You can also try mixing some instant coffee in vanilla yogurt for that creamy coffee taste.

For more healthy snack options check out the below link from Dr. Andrew Weil.

Happy snacking!


The Nutritiongal
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“I am currently enrolled at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition and will graduate as a certified health counselor in 2010. Fire the diet police and take back your health!”

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A rainbow of healthy snacks

When Scales Lie – Why weight isn’t an accurate measure of how slim you are – Nutritiongal Volume 16

While working out is beneficial to your overall well-being and waistline, the scales can sometimes be deceiving. Exercising builds muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. Did you know that muscle also grows faster than fat? Eventually as you keep up your new found love for exercise the increased muscle mass will speed up your metabolism and the fat will burn away. What do you do in the meantime when you’re not getting the results you’re looking for? When you’re trying to drop those last few pounds on the scale it may be wiser measure your progress by how your clothes fit or calculating your body fat percentage rather than holding out for that magic number on the scale.

Many companies that are geared towards modeling or entertainment are encouraging their employees to maintain or attain a particular weight. At times there may be less tolerance for those who deviate from the industry standards. Some are encouraged to diet and exercise while others are threatened with termination. One such controversy is occurring with the popular restaurant chain, “Hooters” where they have given one employee with a perfectly normal weight of 132 pounds at 5’8” an ultimatum to lose weight. How much is too much when “weight” is the sole measure by which many of these individuals are evaluated? If you took a tally of different people’s heights and weights and compared them to pictures it would surprise you to see that some people weigh a lot more or less than they appear. Does weight really matter? The numbers are not always accurate. When dedicated employees get to a gym to maintain their jobs what happens if more muscle is built and the ideal “weight” is not achieved? Will they get fired for being fit?–video

Let’s look at some facts of what building muscle does for the body and why tossing the scale into the closet for a few weeks may not be such a bad idea:

1.) Since muscle grows faster than fat the initial weight gain on the scale is most likely the result of increased lean muscle mass in the body, rather than fat.

2.) Muscle weighs more than fat and is more compact. The scale may be creeping up but if you clothes are looser then you know you’re on the right track

3.) Weight gain from exercise is temporary at best. Once your body adjusts to a routine your weight will adjust, unless you’re overcompensating for your workouts with too many extra calories.

4.) Increased muscle mass = increased metabolism which means weight loss is just around the corner.

Lace up your sneakers and take a vacation from the weight roller coaster. Fitness and fabulousness are right around the corner!


The Nutritiongal – AADP Certified Health Coach
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Your daily weigh in could be sabotaging your workouts.

Could your “Virtuous” Diet be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals?- Nutritiongal Newsletter Volume 15

It’s a quiet afternoon at work as you reach for your gluten free, fat free, nondairy, hypoallergenic snack and slowly sip your herbal tea. Your coworkers are celebrating a birthday and you virtuously refuse a red velvet chocolate frosting covered cupcake because it is too “fattening” or “unhealthy” or “filled with too much processed sugar and food coloring”.

Your friends invite you to dinner but you decline because it’s Mexican food and there’s too much cheese, calories and fat in the food and you can’t drink the margaritas (not even the virgin ones!) that night because you are trying to cut carbs. Yet the scale still doesn’t budge. You see your friends laughing and having a good time enjoying the occasional slice of pizza or buttery croissant in their skinny jeans while you suffer in silence eating your dissatisfying fresh organic fruit salad with fat free yogurt with just a half a teaspoon of honey.

Hold the celery sticks with fat free cream cheese and take a chill pill! We are all guilty of this crime to some extent. There is something to be said about eating healthy but when it comes to doing things supposedly right, why do we have to take it to extremes?

Last week I decided to eat clean for three days to cleanse my system of the french fries, milk chocolate, wine, pizza….. I could go on. And I found myself reaching for the ice cream and before I knew it I had devoured ice cream on a dairy free day without realizing it! What was my body telling me? Perhaps at that particular moment in time “dairy free” wasn’t the way to go. Winter is coming where I live and adding some extra fat is not a bad idea. Yes ice cream is not the healthiest food on the planet but I can think of a few worse things. Why do we have taste buds? We are meant to enjoy our food. Yes healthy food is delicious and enjoyable, especially when we learn to eat it on a regular basis since our palate changes – for the better, in order to enable you to enjoy the simplest most natural food there is and feel satisfied. Nothing replaces natural, whole, unprocessed food as the winner in the Nutrition Competition, if ever there was one but, that does not mean that fries are off limit for life.

Are you cheating yourself of enjoyment for the sake of your health? Nutrition is just as much about what you put into your mouth as it is about what you put in your life. Spending time with friends or indulging on a delicious desert never contributed to a demise in anyone’s health. No one is telling you that you can’t have what you want. You can eat oats, carob and tofu till you’re blue in the face but eventually the pendulum will swing the other way so that your body can attain balance.

I don’t care if you are the most disciplined person on the planet. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Sir Isaac Newton. Cells, chemical reactions, relationships, countries, planets, the universe…. everything is continually changing by little actions and reactions that are balanced by the swinging pendulum of life. Up and down, left and right, backwards and forwards, in and out… I could go on and on. I am not saying it’s healthy to eat an entire bag of potato chips. What I am saying is that a little indulgence never hurt anyone.

Finding one’s balance is key. Have you found yours?


The Nutritiongal
Find your bliss. Find your balance

“I am currently enrolled at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition and will graduate as a certified health counselor in 2010. Fire the diet police and take back your health!”

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Five Simple Ways to Drop 2-5 Lbs in two weeks! Nutritiongal Newsletter Volume 14

Hello Everyone!

For those of who you want to tweak things a bit or have a special event coming up I am happy to present 5 simple ways to drop 2-5 Lbs in two weeks. You can do one or all of these things and see some results.  This is not something that should be done forever because the body is smart and it catches on fast.  These are just short term steps that are great for when you just need to jump start the metabolism.  Just like varying your work-out routine, the body needs the same as well when it comes to what you eat.  If you can recite your daily menu from start to finish without even thinking then it may be time for a tweak.  Variety is the spice of life and why not get your metabolism humming like it used to when you were 17?

Those of you who want to gain weight I have some tips for you too so read on.  You may like what I have to say 🙂

Without further ado, check out my little tips below, along with the explanations as to why they work and see for yourself. You might be amazed at what you discover!

1.) Cut down or abstain from alcohol for 8-14 days – This is a controversial topic.  Many of you may or may not agree with drinking in moderation.  My answer is that it really depends on who you are. If you have been sober for “X” amount of years then this tip is N/A.  If you tend to party it up every weekend then this tip could be helpful.  Whether or not you choose to imbibe is up to you.  Alcohol in moderation has been shown to help decrease your cholesterol, however, not drinking at all is excellent as well.  Like I said before, it really depends on who you are.  If you drink then please enjoy and if you do not then more power to you.

Cutting down on alcohol means no more than 3-4 drinks per week or abstaining entirely for the 8-14 days.  You will see results since the liver tends to expand and hold extra weight if it has to work harder when you drink.  Alcohol is burnt in the body before fat is burnt, and hence it slows down your metabolism.   Moderation is key. If the liver isn’t working so hard on cleaning your body from alcohol consumption it will freed-up to work on burning fat and that is exactly what happens when you take a break from the bottle. You may even build some muscle!

I enjoy a glass of wine or cosmo every now and then and it can be fun to get tipsy but if you want to drop some extra weight this is the easiest way to do so.  When you go back to your acoholic consumption you will feel tipsy faster from cutting down as your tolerance will have decreased. This means you will be drinking less and even saving money – More money to buy shoes or a sexy outfit 🙂 Sounds like a win win situation, right?

Pros and cons to alcohol consumption are below :

2.) Eliminate white bread – White bread lacks fiber and B vitamins. You will be amazed how how much more satisfied and fuller you will feel after making the switch to whole wheat, spelt, oat or any other type of whole grain variety.  I am not saying that you should never eat white bread again but why not try it and see how you feel.  I still enjoy French baguettes and croissants in moderation.  How boring would that be if you never ate white bread again?  Yawn. Just check out the vitamin-rich, fiber laden stuff and see if it works for you.

3.) Add leafy greens to at least two meals per day – Yes folks it is true!  Leafy greens are not only vitamin rich, but they also help speed up your metabolism.  The fiber in the leafy greens helps make the digestive process more efficient and everything runs like a well-oiled machine.  The fiber makes you feel full at each meal as well.  Add the leafy greens in addition to what you are eating. You may be eating more but feeling fuller and more satisfied after every meal and less likely to have that midnight snack before bed.

4.) Cut down or abstain from coffee for a week– I hate this one because I love love love coffee! The thing about coffee is that it raises your insulin levels, and thus your blood sugar, causing the body to store fat.  It can also make people feel more hungry and eat more calories during the day.  It really depends on what your experience with caffeine has been but why not try it and see how you go. You don’t have to go through the messy withdrawal symptoms of curbing your daily coffee intake if you substitute with black tea.   The caffeine in tea is different from the caffeine in coffee so it actually will stimulate you with a slower, steadier hum rather than the fast jolt followed by the crash from consuming coffee.  Umm I am actually buzzing on caffeine as I write this. I didn’t say forgo coffee forever.  Life is short and we are allowed to enjoy the little things in life.  Ah the french press! (by the way, the below article, although perhaps a bit extreme is definitely food for thought)

5.) Cut down or eliminate soda (both diet and regular) and substitute with water or club soda with lemon or lime –  You may not believe this but all soda, especially diet, is the enemy to your body.   Regular soda contains tons of sugar that the body processes very quickly because simple carbohydrates are broken down too fast. Once they are broken down, your insulin levels go up and your body stores the excess sugar as fat.

Diet soda is the devil. Not only does it cause bloating and increased acidity in the body, resulting in the break down of calcium stores to balance out this acidity, but some research has linked it to tooth decay as well as cancer.  If this doesn’t make you think twice about drinking diet soda, it actually makes you hungrier so you eat more and gain weight in the process. This is because the sugary taste causes the body to release insulin because it thinks there is sugar to break down.  Since there is no sugar to process the body needs calories to outweigh the skewed balance of no sugar but high insulin, resulting in eating to compensate for the lack of calories.

Remember for the majority of the time that humans have existed on the planet there was no aspartame, splenda or any of that other crap. We have not yet evolved to process these poisons and that is exactly what they are, poison.  If you do nothing else on this list, cutting soda will save you from disease and even make you a bit slimmer.  Now doesn’t a simple tweak like that seem worth it?   On a personal note I used to down a 20 oz diet cherry Pepsi every single day and when I cut it out I lost 2 Lbs without even trying.

Weight Gain

OK now for those of you who want to gain some weight – organic milk and bananas will do the trick.  Why organic milk?  I don’t know about you but I don’t want antibiotics or bovine growth hormones swimming around in my system and mucking up my liver.  I need that for when I drink my wine 🙂  I am serious.

This doesn’t mean that milk and bananas make you fat. It just means that if you are a little vitamin deficient and maybe need some extra sturdiness in your frame then you will be benefiting from the potassium in the bananas, and the calcium and protein from the milk.  For those of you who are lactose intolerant  I have a wonderful recipe for almond milk that I just made today. It is so rich and creamy as well as filled with wonderful healthy fats.  Please see below.  It will knock your socks off! Why not make a regular milk or almond milk shake with bananas and have that as a snack?

My second tip is to refer to option #1 and include weigh-bearing exercise. You will build muscles a lot faster if you take some time off from imbibing.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or comments regarding this newsletter.

Happy slimming or bulking – whichever floats your boat  😉

Stay sexy!


The Nutritiongal
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“I am currently enrolled at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition and will graduate as a certified health counselor in 2010. Fire the diet police and take back your health!”

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PUMP IT UP! : Nutritiongal Volume 5

Hello and welcome to Volume 5 of Nutritiongal’s Newsletter and we’re here to PUMP YOU UP!
Swimsuit season may be coming to an end for many of you who don’t reside in the tropics but that’s no excuse to put away the sneakers and gym shorts. You don’t need any fancy equipment, a lot of time or even a gym membership to be in tip top shape. All you need is a little sweat and a routine you enjoy!
Have you ever heard of the exercise energy paradox? You want to exercise to have more energy but you can’t exercise because you have no energy. Well now it’s time to jump over that hurdle.  Exercise is like the momentum of a swinging pendulum – you know… like the one in physics class?  Once you get going with a routine, it can easily be incorporated into your daily schedule and you keep going and going.
If anyone tells you “No pain, no gain.”, tell them to take their time machine back to the 80’s. Exercise doesn’t have to be unpleasant or take up a great deal of time – unless you’re going for an Olympic medal or are a professional athlete of course!!!
So why exercise?  Can’t you eat right and be healthy without breaking a sweat?  Who wants to have messy hair and add more dirty clothes to the laundry pile?  What about people who are thin and don’t exercise? Are they really as healthy as they look?
1.  Going back to the origin of our modern human species, the homosapian, approx 200 thousand years ago, our ancestors walked 20 miles per day on average in search of food and shelter.  We developed the fight or flight response (stress response), in which the hormone, cortisol, was released, causing the body to react quickly to environmental stresses. Ergo, when earlier homosapians were hunting for food (stress), cortisol enabled them to act quickly to seize their prey or run away if they were another species’ dinner.
Fast forward to present day and you have a similar physiological stress response to work, bills and traffic, to name a few, but no physical activity. The average American walks approx 1 mile per day or less.  That’s a far cry from 20 miles!  Its no wonder we are plagued by heart disease, diabetes and obesity.  Throw exercise into the mix and you have your basic paleolithic remedy to the diseases we are now combating.
2.  Exercise stimulates the lymphatic system, increasing your immunity.  It also increases body temperature temporarily to help fight infections and increases blood flow throughout the body.
3.  Exercise also results in a more aesthetically pleasing physique. Check out all the “HOT” benefits of working your body in different ways.
Think you can’t muster up the the energy to do CARDIO or hate exercising? Consider some alternative forms of cardiovascular exercise and the average number of calories burned.
Brisk Walking – 236-345 cal per hour
Power Yoga – 350-570 cal per hour
Jogging or running 5 mph – 472-690 cal per hour
Thai Chi – 236-345 cal per hour
Window Shopping – 148-216 cal per hour
Darts – 148-216 cal per hour
Check out this extensive chart on calories burned per hour based on activity type and weight.
Break the exercise energy paradox barrier today!  Check out Joel Harper’s excuse busting, no gym equipment workout and break a sweat in under 20 min!!!
Take the exercise challenge today! All you need is a little motivation and you can be fit in as short as 20-40 min 3-4 times per week. Don’t let limitations define you.  Find the exercise that works for your body and reap the benefits!
Asta la vista Baby
“I am currently enrolled at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition and will graduate as a certified health counselor in 2010. Fire the diet police and take back your health!”
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The Nutritiongal
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