Top 5 Tweaks to Add Some Fabulousness to Your Life

Take some time to stop and smell the roses.

With yet another New Year coming up and so much happening in the world we can get caught-up in the mundaneness of our lives or even stuck in seemingly endless ruts. The New Year is about growth and change and we have a chance to do that each and every year – or even every day.  Don’t be afraid to try something new.  It’s never too late to make positive changes today or any day.  Start now and you could soon be on the path that leads to where you want to go.

The New Year celebration was started by the ancient Romans and used to be March 1st.  This was changed to January 1st by the Roman emperor, Julius Caesar.  The New Year was celebrated to coincide with the new harvest and, symbolically, was meant to encourage growth and renewal. The ancients cleaned their homes and bought new garments to ring in the New Year.

What can we do to spice things up now that it’s 2012?  Rather than make the same old boring New Years resolutions that we make every year I propose 5 little tweaks to add more fabulousless to your life without the guilt and denial. Now is the time and it is never too late to start!

1.) Afraid of heights? Try skiing or taking a balloon ride.  You will feel challenged and exhilarated! If you cannot quite make it to the sky try climbing a tree, riding a horse or taking an elevator ride up to the penthouse of a beautiful hotel.  Rooftop party anyone?

2.) Feeling bored and uninspired? Learn something new. Try taking a cooking class or learning a musical instrument?  Maybe you should check out that dance or yoga class that you always wanted to try “one day”.  It is never too late to master a new skill! Learning new things keeps your brain stimulated and your mind fresh.  Remember to use it or lose it.

3.) Eating the same thing day in and day out?  Try switching at least one meal per week to something you have never tried before. You may discover a new favourite food or lose some weight.  As omnivores the body craves nutrients from a variety of sources. Your body gets tired of eating the same old thing day in and day out and it may even result in a weight loss plateau.  Try adding spices and flavours. For example, chili is a popular spice that is praised for it’s metabolism boosting and fat burning qualities.

4.) Feeling lonely?  Reach out to an old friend that you haven’t spoken to in a long time and catch-up for a coffee or Skype date.  Meet new people when you join that dance class or cooking class that you have always wanted to try.  Sign up for networking groups where people with similar interests congregate, like

5.) Hate your job? Yes it can be intimidating to think of moving on when many people have lost their jobs in this economy.  While quitting before getting a new job may not be the best idea you can at least start searching and putting some feelers out there.  Regardless of your employment status it can be empowering to know that you have options and to see what they are so that when the time comes to jump ship you’ll have a safe and wonderful place to land. Take it from me who has changed jobs 1000 times!

What’s your new fabulous tweak?  Share it with me on my facebook page and the winner gets a free 1 day meal plan!


Nutritiongal – AADP Certified Health Coach