ORGANIC… The Hype… Is there a Message? Nutritiongal Newsletter Volume 13

Hello Everyone and welcome to Volume 13 of Nutritiongal’s bimonthly Newsletter,

A highly effective way of attaining optimal health is keeping chemicals off your plate.  A lot of people have been talking about the organic movement lately. It’s all over the place from food products to skincare remedies.   More and more people are becoming conscious of sustainability and environmentalism, which is just as important as your health.  There’s also the local movement where you have your farmers markets and locally grown produce sometimes at your fingertips at your favorite supermarket.  There are so many options to eat “healthy” and select something that may cost a bit more but contribute to the eco friendly movement.  How does one sift through the messages, the hype and the truth while still being friendly to your wallet as well as your waistline?  Let’s deconstruct the differences in order to help you make choices that will help save the planet, save yourself and your dough. These three things can occur together!

What is organic?  Where can you find organic products outside the supermarket?  What to buy and what to hold of on until your trust fund matures? 🙂 The term “organic” refers to a method of farming that works in harmony with nature and people to produce healthy (higher nutrient content, natural foods), sustainable (crop rotation) and environmentally friendly foods (foods produced with minimal pesticides and chemicals).  I have heard “experts” report that there is no difference in the nutritional content of organic versus non organic food, however I can’t believe that foods with more pesticides or ones that have been genetically modified (GMO) are as easily processed by the body as well as organic foods.  If  all else fails try an organically grown food and then try a non organically grown food.  I have noticed that the organic food actually tastes better.  Many people who are not even interested in this subject have reported the same to me.

Local foods are foods that may or may not be grown organically but they are from local, smaller farms, which are less likely to use as many pesticides or GMO’s as the larger factory farms.  Local foods are good for the environment because they are not trucked or flown halfway across the world to get to your plate. They are fresher because, for example, the produce are picked when they are ripe rather than before they are ripened.  You are basically eating something which is freshly picked off the tree that arrives to your plate with minimal transportation, thus less petrol/gasoline is used.

By eating local you are supporting local, small farmers who face challenges competing with factory farms.  Unlike local farmers, the factory farms are in the business of using any methods necessary in order to produce the highest quantity of food at its lowest quality for maximum profit. They are subsidized by the government and supply fast food enterprises such as McDonalds to make you sick.  Does that sound like and industry you want to support?

Since it is not likely that you will be able to completely replace your shopping list with organic or local foods I have listed the ones below that are worth going organic due to either the high pesticide content in conventionally grown methods or uncouth, hormone laden factory farmed foods.  For example items that have an outer layer that you can remove, such as oranges or bananas are OK to buy conventionally if one has to choose.  In a perfect world everything would be fresh and healthy but unfortunately this is not the case.

Without further ado, here is my list of organic/local must buys below.  This list is based on the book “Diet for a Poisoned Planet” by David Steinman.


-green peppers

-soy products
-peanuts & peanut butter


-white bread
-whole wheat bread
-rye bread
-raisin bran cereal
-all fruit-flavored, sweetened and puffed cereals

For a convenient guide on where to get organic foods in your local area check out the link below.

For those of you who don’t live in the US (AKA us peeps in Australia) check out the link below.

There’s also a great site which has organic products below. You may not be able to order organic produce from this site but there are organic packaged foods, as well as supplements that can be shipped pretty much anywhere in the world.  I have and order on its way to me as we speak.
$5 discount code -HEC204

Locate your local farmer’s market.

You can make a difference with your fork.


The Nutritiongal
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