Five Simple Ways to Drop 2-5 Lbs in two weeks! Nutritiongal Newsletter Volume 14

Hello Everyone!

For those of who you want to tweak things a bit or have a special event coming up I am happy to present 5 simple ways to drop 2-5 Lbs in two weeks. You can do one or all of these things and see some results.  This is not something that should be done forever because the body is smart and it catches on fast.  These are just short term steps that are great for when you just need to jump start the metabolism.  Just like varying your work-out routine, the body needs the same as well when it comes to what you eat.  If you can recite your daily menu from start to finish without even thinking then it may be time for a tweak.  Variety is the spice of life and why not get your metabolism humming like it used to when you were 17?

Those of you who want to gain weight I have some tips for you too so read on.  You may like what I have to say 🙂

Without further ado, check out my little tips below, along with the explanations as to why they work and see for yourself. You might be amazed at what you discover!

1.) Cut down or abstain from alcohol for 8-14 days – This is a controversial topic.  Many of you may or may not agree with drinking in moderation.  My answer is that it really depends on who you are. If you have been sober for “X” amount of years then this tip is N/A.  If you tend to party it up every weekend then this tip could be helpful.  Whether or not you choose to imbibe is up to you.  Alcohol in moderation has been shown to help decrease your cholesterol, however, not drinking at all is excellent as well.  Like I said before, it really depends on who you are.  If you drink then please enjoy and if you do not then more power to you.

Cutting down on alcohol means no more than 3-4 drinks per week or abstaining entirely for the 8-14 days.  You will see results since the liver tends to expand and hold extra weight if it has to work harder when you drink.  Alcohol is burnt in the body before fat is burnt, and hence it slows down your metabolism.   Moderation is key. If the liver isn’t working so hard on cleaning your body from alcohol consumption it will freed-up to work on burning fat and that is exactly what happens when you take a break from the bottle. You may even build some muscle!

I enjoy a glass of wine or cosmo every now and then and it can be fun to get tipsy but if you want to drop some extra weight this is the easiest way to do so.  When you go back to your acoholic consumption you will feel tipsy faster from cutting down as your tolerance will have decreased. This means you will be drinking less and even saving money – More money to buy shoes or a sexy outfit 🙂 Sounds like a win win situation, right?

Pros and cons to alcohol consumption are below :

2.) Eliminate white bread – White bread lacks fiber and B vitamins. You will be amazed how how much more satisfied and fuller you will feel after making the switch to whole wheat, spelt, oat or any other type of whole grain variety.  I am not saying that you should never eat white bread again but why not try it and see how you feel.  I still enjoy French baguettes and croissants in moderation.  How boring would that be if you never ate white bread again?  Yawn. Just check out the vitamin-rich, fiber laden stuff and see if it works for you.

3.) Add leafy greens to at least two meals per day – Yes folks it is true!  Leafy greens are not only vitamin rich, but they also help speed up your metabolism.  The fiber in the leafy greens helps make the digestive process more efficient and everything runs like a well-oiled machine.  The fiber makes you feel full at each meal as well.  Add the leafy greens in addition to what you are eating. You may be eating more but feeling fuller and more satisfied after every meal and less likely to have that midnight snack before bed.

4.) Cut down or abstain from coffee for a week– I hate this one because I love love love coffee! The thing about coffee is that it raises your insulin levels, and thus your blood sugar, causing the body to store fat.  It can also make people feel more hungry and eat more calories during the day.  It really depends on what your experience with caffeine has been but why not try it and see how you go. You don’t have to go through the messy withdrawal symptoms of curbing your daily coffee intake if you substitute with black tea.   The caffeine in tea is different from the caffeine in coffee so it actually will stimulate you with a slower, steadier hum rather than the fast jolt followed by the crash from consuming coffee.  Umm I am actually buzzing on caffeine as I write this. I didn’t say forgo coffee forever.  Life is short and we are allowed to enjoy the little things in life.  Ah the french press! (by the way, the below article, although perhaps a bit extreme is definitely food for thought)

5.) Cut down or eliminate soda (both diet and regular) and substitute with water or club soda with lemon or lime –  You may not believe this but all soda, especially diet, is the enemy to your body.   Regular soda contains tons of sugar that the body processes very quickly because simple carbohydrates are broken down too fast. Once they are broken down, your insulin levels go up and your body stores the excess sugar as fat.

Diet soda is the devil. Not only does it cause bloating and increased acidity in the body, resulting in the break down of calcium stores to balance out this acidity, but some research has linked it to tooth decay as well as cancer.  If this doesn’t make you think twice about drinking diet soda, it actually makes you hungrier so you eat more and gain weight in the process. This is because the sugary taste causes the body to release insulin because it thinks there is sugar to break down.  Since there is no sugar to process the body needs calories to outweigh the skewed balance of no sugar but high insulin, resulting in eating to compensate for the lack of calories.

Remember for the majority of the time that humans have existed on the planet there was no aspartame, splenda or any of that other crap. We have not yet evolved to process these poisons and that is exactly what they are, poison.  If you do nothing else on this list, cutting soda will save you from disease and even make you a bit slimmer.  Now doesn’t a simple tweak like that seem worth it?   On a personal note I used to down a 20 oz diet cherry Pepsi every single day and when I cut it out I lost 2 Lbs without even trying.

Weight Gain

OK now for those of you who want to gain some weight – organic milk and bananas will do the trick.  Why organic milk?  I don’t know about you but I don’t want antibiotics or bovine growth hormones swimming around in my system and mucking up my liver.  I need that for when I drink my wine 🙂  I am serious.

This doesn’t mean that milk and bananas make you fat. It just means that if you are a little vitamin deficient and maybe need some extra sturdiness in your frame then you will be benefiting from the potassium in the bananas, and the calcium and protein from the milk.  For those of you who are lactose intolerant  I have a wonderful recipe for almond milk that I just made today. It is so rich and creamy as well as filled with wonderful healthy fats.  Please see below.  It will knock your socks off! Why not make a regular milk or almond milk shake with bananas and have that as a snack?

My second tip is to refer to option #1 and include weigh-bearing exercise. You will build muscles a lot faster if you take some time off from imbibing.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or comments regarding this newsletter.

Happy slimming or bulking – whichever floats your boat  😉

Stay sexy!


The Nutritiongal
Find your bliss. Find your balance

“I am currently enrolled at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition and will graduate as a certified health counselor in 2010. Fire the diet police and take back your health!”

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ORGANIC… The Hype… Is there a Message? Nutritiongal Newsletter Volume 13

Hello Everyone and welcome to Volume 13 of Nutritiongal’s bimonthly Newsletter,

A highly effective way of attaining optimal health is keeping chemicals off your plate.  A lot of people have been talking about the organic movement lately. It’s all over the place from food products to skincare remedies.   More and more people are becoming conscious of sustainability and environmentalism, which is just as important as your health.  There’s also the local movement where you have your farmers markets and locally grown produce sometimes at your fingertips at your favorite supermarket.  There are so many options to eat “healthy” and select something that may cost a bit more but contribute to the eco friendly movement.  How does one sift through the messages, the hype and the truth while still being friendly to your wallet as well as your waistline?  Let’s deconstruct the differences in order to help you make choices that will help save the planet, save yourself and your dough. These three things can occur together!

What is organic?  Where can you find organic products outside the supermarket?  What to buy and what to hold of on until your trust fund matures? 🙂 The term “organic” refers to a method of farming that works in harmony with nature and people to produce healthy (higher nutrient content, natural foods), sustainable (crop rotation) and environmentally friendly foods (foods produced with minimal pesticides and chemicals).  I have heard “experts” report that there is no difference in the nutritional content of organic versus non organic food, however I can’t believe that foods with more pesticides or ones that have been genetically modified (GMO) are as easily processed by the body as well as organic foods.  If  all else fails try an organically grown food and then try a non organically grown food.  I have noticed that the organic food actually tastes better.  Many people who are not even interested in this subject have reported the same to me.

Local foods are foods that may or may not be grown organically but they are from local, smaller farms, which are less likely to use as many pesticides or GMO’s as the larger factory farms.  Local foods are good for the environment because they are not trucked or flown halfway across the world to get to your plate. They are fresher because, for example, the produce are picked when they are ripe rather than before they are ripened.  You are basically eating something which is freshly picked off the tree that arrives to your plate with minimal transportation, thus less petrol/gasoline is used.

By eating local you are supporting local, small farmers who face challenges competing with factory farms.  Unlike local farmers, the factory farms are in the business of using any methods necessary in order to produce the highest quantity of food at its lowest quality for maximum profit. They are subsidized by the government and supply fast food enterprises such as McDonalds to make you sick.  Does that sound like and industry you want to support?

Since it is not likely that you will be able to completely replace your shopping list with organic or local foods I have listed the ones below that are worth going organic due to either the high pesticide content in conventionally grown methods or uncouth, hormone laden factory farmed foods.  For example items that have an outer layer that you can remove, such as oranges or bananas are OK to buy conventionally if one has to choose.  In a perfect world everything would be fresh and healthy but unfortunately this is not the case.

Without further ado, here is my list of organic/local must buys below.  This list is based on the book “Diet for a Poisoned Planet” by David Steinman.


-green peppers

-soy products
-peanuts & peanut butter


-white bread
-whole wheat bread
-rye bread
-raisin bran cereal
-all fruit-flavored, sweetened and puffed cereals

For a convenient guide on where to get organic foods in your local area check out the link below.

For those of you who don’t live in the US (AKA us peeps in Australia) check out the link below.

There’s also a great site which has organic products below. You may not be able to order organic produce from this site but there are organic packaged foods, as well as supplements that can be shipped pretty much anywhere in the world.  I have and order on its way to me as we speak.
$5 discount code -HEC204

Locate your local farmer’s market.

You can make a difference with your fork.


The Nutritiongal
Find your bliss. Find your balance

“I am currently enrolled at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition and will graduate as a certified health counselor in 2010. Fire the diet police and take back your health!”

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