Nutritiongal’s Guide to the Post Holiday Slump – Volume 10

Hello Everyone!

We have all been through it but don’t know where to go.  Those endless New Year’s resolutions never seem to come to fruition year after year no matter how great the resolve.  Everywhere we turn there are articles about how to detox, save money and become the next gladiator.  When does the insanity end?  Does life seem to be handing you lemons when you’ve just poured your heart, soul and wallet into this past holiday season?  When life gives you lemons just eat them!

Forget the Details, Details and the Details because time is of essence and check-out The Nutritiongals guide to fabulousness in just 8 little steps for love, health and prosperity.

1.) Gained five pounds this holiday season?  Jump start your metabolism by adding 20 minutes of physical activity per day OR 3-4 forty-five minute cardio sessions.

2.) The weather is too crappy for physical activity.  Get thee to a gym.  Don’t have the money to spend?  There are some great home work-out videos available for purchase.  The latest is Zumba for those of you who enjoy latin beats. For those of you who enjoy yoga there are some great videos available as well.  Check them out below.

There are even free workout routines you can get online you sexy thangs!

3.) Can’t seem to get rid of all the holiday treats laying around your house?  Take them to work.  I don’t remember a single time anyone ever complained for being fed. People love little treats every now and then so share the wealth :)

4.) Can’t stop eating the holiday treats around your home?  Refer to item #3.  Have nowhere to take them and do not want to leave them in your backyard because you have a raccoon, possum, kangaroo problem? Have a party and invite all your friends.  The holiday treats will disappear as fast as your post holiday slump.

5.) Don’t have time for a party?  Schedule a brunch with your friends to catch-up about the holiday seasons. Make little goodie bags to hand out.

6.) Need to save for Spring Break but ain’t got dough?  Time to break the cookie jar. How much change do you have lying around?  One of my friends had $96 in quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies.  Ok I know $96 is not enough to take a vacation but if you open an ING savings account you can start earning interest on that $96 and if you set-up an automatic transfer of $50-$100 per month from you bank account you’ll be ready for Miami or Vegas in no time Baby!

7.) Sick and tired if all those annoying people who are still taking over the shops when you are trying to complete your errands?  Me too.  As much as I would like to push them out of my way I take 10 deep breaths.  I know I said this before in my last blog but I can’t stress enough how crappy it is to get arrested!  Not that I have ever been arrested…. yet!  he he he.

8.) Do you have ton’s of holiday decorations that you spent hours putting up and either do not feel like looking at them and/or can’t be bothered to take them down but fear you will become one of those insane people who never takes their holiday decorations down and think you will need therapy in a few years? Have no fear.  I hear the Bellvue Psychiatric ward is quite full so you won’t be able to get in unless you try really hard.

So what do you do now?  Have a party and invite all your friends over.  Call it the post holiday Un-decoration party.  You and your friends can plan them every weekend so everyone’s decorations can be put away.  Your schedule will be too busy to get depressed about the negative 6 degree weather.

I hope I have inspired you to get your Grove on!


The Nutritiongal
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