PUMP IT UP! : Nutritiongal Volume 5

Hello and welcome to Volume 5 of Nutritiongal’s Newsletter and we’re here to PUMP YOU UP!
Swimsuit season may be coming to an end for many of you who don’t reside in the tropics but that’s no excuse to put away the sneakers and gym shorts. You don’t need any fancy equipment, a lot of time or even a gym membership to be in tip top shape. All you need is a little sweat and a routine you enjoy!
Have you ever heard of the exercise energy paradox? You want to exercise to have more energy but you can’t exercise because you have no energy. Well now it’s time to jump over that hurdle.  Exercise is like the momentum of a swinging pendulum – you know… like the one in physics class?  Once you get going with a routine, it can easily be incorporated into your daily schedule and you keep going and going.
If anyone tells you “No pain, no gain.”, tell them to take their time machine back to the 80’s. Exercise doesn’t have to be unpleasant or take up a great deal of time – unless you’re going for an Olympic medal or are a professional athlete of course!!!
So why exercise?  Can’t you eat right and be healthy without breaking a sweat?  Who wants to have messy hair and add more dirty clothes to the laundry pile?  What about people who are thin and don’t exercise? Are they really as healthy as they look?
1.  Going back to the origin of our modern human species, the homosapian, approx 200 thousand years ago, our ancestors walked 20 miles per day on average in search of food and shelter.  We developed the fight or flight response (stress response), in which the hormone, cortisol, was released, causing the body to react quickly to environmental stresses. Ergo, when earlier homosapians were hunting for food (stress), cortisol enabled them to act quickly to seize their prey or run away if they were another species’ dinner.
Fast forward to present day and you have a similar physiological stress response to work, bills and traffic, to name a few, but no physical activity. The average American walks approx 1 mile per day or less.  That’s a far cry from 20 miles!  Its no wonder we are plagued by heart disease, diabetes and obesity.  Throw exercise into the mix and you have your basic paleolithic remedy to the diseases we are now combating.
2.  Exercise stimulates the lymphatic system, increasing your immunity.  It also increases body temperature temporarily to help fight infections and increases blood flow throughout the body.
3.  Exercise also results in a more aesthetically pleasing physique. Check out all the “HOT” benefits of working your body in different ways.
Think you can’t muster up the the energy to do CARDIO or hate exercising? Consider some alternative forms of cardiovascular exercise and the average number of calories burned.
Brisk Walking – 236-345 cal per hour
Power Yoga – 350-570 cal per hour
Jogging or running 5 mph – 472-690 cal per hour
Thai Chi – 236-345 cal per hour
Window Shopping – 148-216 cal per hour
Darts – 148-216 cal per hour
Check out this extensive chart on calories burned per hour based on activity type and weight.
Break the exercise energy paradox barrier today!  Check out Joel Harper’s excuse busting, no gym equipment workout and break a sweat in under 20 min!!!
Take the exercise challenge today! All you need is a little motivation and you can be fit in as short as 20-40 min 3-4 times per week. Don’t let limitations define you.  Find the exercise that works for your body and reap the benefits!
Asta la vista Baby
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