Fun Facts About Chocolate : Nutritiongal Volume 3

Hello! Welcome to Volume 1 of Nutritiongal’s Bimonthly Newsletter!

Did you know that cacao, the highest antioxidant rich food on the
planet, can only be grown in “in-tact” rainforests?  No trees can be
cut down if the cocao plant is to be cultivated. Therefore eating
chocolate saves the rainforests, and therefore, saves the planet!!!!
Who would have thought decadence could be so virtuous?!?!

Here are some more fun facts about the actual cocao beans, the main
ingredient in chocolate, which can be found in the supple, white,
cacao fruit, grown on trees of the Amazon rainforest.  Organic
chocolate contains minimal pesticides and is, therefore, preferable.
Remember, the higher the cocoa content, the more the below benefits
apply. Chocolate bars containing 70% cocoa are recommended by most
nutritionists as they are lower in sugar and higher in the below
beneficial qualities.  If you can’t muster the bitter taste of 70% try
60% cocoa and work form there.  Some milk chocolate bars contain 30%
cocoa.  Any chocolate is better than none! Life is too short!!!

1.) Cacao beans builds strong bones – especially the raw chocolate
because of its magnesium content. The magnesium is what women crave,
especially during that time of the month when cranky Aunt Flo pays a

2.) Cacao Beans contain trace amounts of caffeine.

3.) Cacao contains Sulfur, which helps build strong nails, hair and
skin.  Sulfur is also thought to detoxify mercury.  Why not try some
chocolate after sushi?

4.) Within the cacao bean is a feel good neurotransmitter,
phenylethlamine, which is the same neurotransmitter released when we
fall in love.  Try a hug rather than a whole box of chocolate if
you’re itching for that lovin’ feeling. Alternatively there’s always
Barry White!  Shazam!

5.) Did you know that some people who are allergic to chocolate are
only allergic to the milk and butter mixed in the chocolate bars?  Try
raw cacao beans or dairy free chocolate and see for yourself. Don’t
despair if you have to swear it off forever, there’s always carob.

Some favorite chocolate sources of mine

Raw Cacao Beans

Some Calorie Free Chocolate


The Nutritiongal

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